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Monthly themes and weekly sub-themes of interest to young children are organized as a unit approach to curriculum development. All students will enjoy learning about one main topic. Specific activities have been developed, considering the developmental differences among students. North Country Academy uses a weekly thematic curriculum that focuses on letters, numbers, shapes, colors. A copy of our themed curriculum may be obtained at any of our Centers’ front office.

Every one of our centers offers all or most of the following programs. Please check the information page for your preferred center for a quick list of the programs that center offers.

Infant Program (ages 6 weeks to 18 months)

The infant program is both nurturing and full of exciting exploration. Infants first learn about relationships by developing a bond with their caregivers. A nurturing environment allows the child to explore and become more independent. Language skills are taught by conversation between our caregivers and the infants. As a member of a group, infants communicate first through play and imitation. Playing in small groups provides practice of fine motor skills such as grasping and holding. During this first exciting year, many gross motor skills are mastered such as crawling, sitting, holding a bottle and pulling oneself to a standing position. There are many milestones to be reached during the first year of growth. Loving caregivers, new friends, and an active classroom help to foster your infant’s development.

Toddler Program (ages 18 months to 36 months)

The toddler program provides a rich array of activities for this age. The relationship between your toddler and his or her teacher is strengthened daily by learning new vocabulary through imitation and repetition. Progression of skills can be done at an individual page by experimenting with our developmentally appropriate materials. Small group activities include songs, stories, finger plays, and games teaching skills such as colors, shapes, numbers and letters. Our toddlers are encouraged to continue to master their self-help skills, begin potty training and to play independently. Outdoor and indoor activities include opportunities for exercise and engaging in jumping, running, kicking and throwing. Our very active toddlers spend their day exploring, discovering and interacting socially with friends.

Preschool Program (ages 3 years to 4 years)

The preschool program is based on our unique theme-related curriculum. Combining creativity and basic skills, our preschoolers experience a wide range of subjects including reading, language, math, music, physical education and much more. At this age, learning centers are used to allow small group activities for short spans of time. Children move from one center to another mastering skills and problem-solving. Technology centers enhance and expand learning as new knowledge is put to practical use within the classroom. Time spent outdoors allows opportunities to develop advanced coordination and large muscle skills. Children develop self-control through jumping, dancing, balancing and playing sports and games. A variety of educational activities introduces a world of new challenges to our preschoolers.

Pre-Kindergarten Program/K-Prep (ages 4 years to 5 years)

The preparation gained in this program will allow a smooth transition into the public school curriculum. Our pre-kindergarteners develop skills during their most important school year by engaging in learning that is both fun and rewarding. To master the readiness skills that are needed, a hands-on, stimulating room with structured centers helps to build a strong academic start. Concepts are introduced in subjects that include study skills, mathematics, phonics, technology center, handwriting, practical skills, science, social studies, and foreign language education. Our themed curriculum gives our students a broad base of knowledge and a desire to continue learning.

School-Age Program

After school is a time to be with friends, have a snack, sharpen athletic skills, enjoy games and field trips, read, do homework or experiment in our technology centers. Our staff, facilities, and programs ensure that these times are enjoyable, productive, and safe. As a member of our School-Age program, your child or children can enjoy a sense of belonging, in a supervised environment during those hours before and after school and during school vacations.

Summer Program

Toddlers, Preschoolers ad Pre-Kindergartners participate in an in-house summer program, filled with unique cooking, arts & crafts, special events, water play and much more. Children ages five through twelve years may attend the Summer Program from June through August.

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